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Award winning Elderflower Gin liqueuer, a delightful essence of a summer hedgerow.


Elderflowers handpicked at dawn for the best flavour, fresh lemons, British gin, sugar to taste and away we go.


Simply superb over ice or, as we would suggest as part of a Hugo cocktail. Add to fizz with a dash of soda and a wedge of lime.


What the Great Taste judges said: 


"Beautiful fresh natural elderflower notes are immediately apparent when nosed- light, floral and aromatic. Very sweet initially but leaves a pleasant honeyed sweetness on the palate followed by a distinct lemon tang and touch of dry bitterness to balance. Bright, natural, rich, with delicious elderflower character. An enticing, shining pale gold shade in the glass. Heady elderflower aromas emanate abundantly from the glass...


The judges thought this was a really well-made product and a great representation of British countryside. We really enjoyed the tart lemon hit of this, with lemon juice and oil bringing great acidity and cutting through the sweetness and the elderflower singing through in the finish. This would make a great cocktail ingredient."

Elegant Elderflower

VAT Included
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