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Awarded a simply stunning 2 stars in the 2021 Great Taste Awards


Dampney’s Remarkable Raspberry is made using naturally ripened fruit from the New Forest. The berries are steeped in spirit for just the right length of time to draw out the intense raspberry flavour. Hand pressed and filtered it produces a claret clear liqueur which bursts with the aroma of an English summer.


Try it as a warming winter ‘shot’, pep up a glass of fizz or simply add tonic, relax and enjoy.


What the Great Taste Judges had to say about us.


"This has a deep luxurious ruby red colour and plenty of huge jammy raspberry notes on the nose. Its big bold fruity flavour is quite jam like, but feels very real and natural. The perfect balance of sweetness and lovely tart acidic lift from the fruit makes this a very well made and blended drink. The rum adds warmth and richness and makes the drink extremely well rounded. A slightly thin finish in flavour just dropped this a star but overall all we were greatly impressed.


This has an appealing colour and a most seductive ripe raspberry aroma. On the palate, the raspberries again convince with their aroma, sweetness and acidity. We'd love to have perceived more intrinsic rum character for a higher award, but did find the raspberry delivery convincing and delightful.


A cheerful pink colour and a fresh, English hedgerow aroma – a touch of fruit crumble. The flavour provides authentic ripe raspberry notes with very gentle notes of rum bringing a hint of spiciness, whilst the judgement of balance between the sweet and the sour is exceptionally well judged. The aftertaste is clean and fruity.


Very fresh jammy raspberry flavours, slight nutty background but also deep notes reminiscent of morello cherries."

Remarkable Raspberry Rum

VAT Included
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